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Stephen Moore Marketing Recruitment (SMMR) acts is an independent Recruitment Consultancy covering the UK.



We love to support candidates and believe in on our ability to manage your career and deliver results based on your career aspirations and goals.


SMMR are here to provide services to secure employment for individuals registered on our database of candidates and for introducing these candidates to our clients with a view to direct engagement for a marketing role by a client.


Please read through the below agreement to enable SMMR to represent you for opportunities.

Stephen Moore Marketing Recruitment Responsibilities to You: 


When you register with SMMR, we will start to search for suitable opportunities for you based on our current live vacancies. We get new vacancies  placed with us on a regular basis, so as a registered candidate we will continually review your requirements and suitability against any new opportunities and will inform you accordingly in a timely manner.


SMMR are unable to guarantee to find you a permanent or temporary placement and we do not accept any liability if we do not find any such work for you. We take time to match candidates to vacancies based on your requirements and the requirements of our clients.


It is important to know clients and candidates in some detail to ensure candidates are well matched to opportunities and businesses. However, we accept no obligation to offer a minimum number of suitable placements. It's our discretion (based on the client’s requirements) whether you are suitable for any placement and submitting your CV to the client.


SMMR shall not be liable for any loss or damages if work found for you is not suitable, for any action, tort or breach of contract by a client.


Candidates Responsibilities: 


It’s important that you inform SMMR immediately of any changes to the information provided to us and that your CV is up-to-date. You are required to provide us with any information we reasonably request and any information relevant to the decision of a client to engage you.


This includes information that may result in the best interests of a client being affected in any way, whether relating to your health such that it may affect your ability to perform tasks which are intrinsic to the role or other matters relating to your ability to perform work efficiently or otherwise (including charges for criminal offences and undischarged criminal convictions).


As the Candidate you are not obliged to take any placement offered by SMMR.


we accept no liability for information we have passed to you in good faith about any potential role. We shall always endeavour to obtain accurate information from clients about the nature of the role and work to be undertaken.



Unless specifically agreed in writing with you in advance, neither SMMR nor any client shall be responsible for any arrangements for or costs of travel or accommodation or expenses incurred by yourself in respect of any potential Placement.

That's it! All done. 






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