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Landmark Group Case Study

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Landmark Plc as it was in 2017 was taken over by a commercial property competitor who have since changed their name to the Landmark brand. I supported at a time of change for the business. This case study will concentrate on the data management aspect which helped prepare the business for GDPR changes. 




The data management project was created because the business had accumulated over 80,000 data records over a twenty year period. Unfortunately the volume of data had been allowed to deteriorate and had been largely unmanaged for many years.


A team was created to "cleanse" each data entry. The entire database was split in to several date category's to allow how old the data was and create a starting point for the project. The newest data was cleansed first.




A new team of two data executives were  trained on GDPR legislation and a strategy was created to  manage the entire database. The team used LinkedIn and several data checking platforms. This allowed each data entry to be verified and missing contact information gathered so that each entry could be contacted successfully  to allow them to "opt-in" under GDPR.

The board had decided against using a data cleansing service or data house who could quickly "cleanse" the entire 80,000 records under a Non-Disclosure Agreement. They were concerned about security. So the slower manual process was adopted and the final result was a useable database of around 45,000 records that could be contacted to opt-in and ensure it was GDPR complaint.

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Stephen Moore | Marketing Consultant


Board level support as a Part-time Marketing Director helping provide important direction by creating and driving your marketing strategy and tactical marketing plans and a key support to your in-house and agency marketing teams. Available by the day.

Stephen Moore | Marketing Consultant
Stephen Moore | Marketing Consultant


As a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Mentor and qualified trainer I provide a number of cost effective ways to get the most from your people through on the job support or marketing workshops. I also run brand workshops to create new brands and renew older ones.

Stephen Moore | Marketing Consultant


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"Stephen joined the team at Landmark plc to  provide strategic direction and develop a marketing communications plan. Stephen took responsibility for the data project to help sort and cleanse the database and created a plan to redevelop the Landmark Technologies website. He has extensive marketing knowledge and a detailed understanding of the commercial property market. Stephen managed a team of five people as well as the Adwords agency. I would highly recommend Stephen to any business looking to develop their marketing strategy and sales leads."


Alan Todd - Director at Landmark Plc


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