Why Would You Need a Part-time Marketing Director?

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Cost is a big consideration for many small and medium sized businesses when it comes to recruiting. This focus on cost can often stifle potential growth especially when it comes to planning for the future. But the significant benefit of a "fresh" pair of eyes, from a part-time marketing director, on your business should never be underestimated.

With that eye on cost it's only sensible for any business to invest in the development of the future with a part-time marketing director when it passes around £3m in turnover. That means the business may have been going for a couple of years and that all important next phase of development will need some planning and focus.

Myth Busting: Consultants

Confusion abounds around the role of a consultant and that of someone who takes a more active involvement in a business like a part-time marketing director. A consultant is someone who is engaged to produce a piece of work and generally when that is delivered their time in the business comes to an end. A part-time marketing director however, is someone who joins the team with a broad remit to create the opportunity by questioning current processes and championing new ideas.

A Cost Effective Solution

Many businesses see the salaries of marketing directors and see the zeros before the benefits. This is not surprising really given most businesses have started well and are making a stab at marketing and its not that clear what benefit an experienced marketing director will bring to the table. Most CEO's will confirm any developing business will need a Finance Director but often think a Marketing Director is an expense too far. A part-time Marketing Director is a simple solution that provides a cost effective approach who may work a few days a month or a few days a week. With a clear day rate any business can see how much this resource will cost and as s a self employed person there are no additional costs associated with senior board level appointments.

Getting Started with your own Part-time Marketing Director

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I'm Stephen Moore FCIM, a Strategic Marketing Consultant and part-time Marketing Director living in beautiful Suffolk. I support businesses large and small in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and London. I have been writing about marketing developments for 20 years with articles in The Metro, City AM, Fresh Business Thinking, AllWork, The Marketer and Marketing Week.


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