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Getting noticed is all part of really good tactical activity. One of the more obvious channels can be PR and using content to create opportunities for Thought Leadership and Outreach but reputation management is also an important factor to think about once you dip your toe in the water.

PR is a great way to get your brand noticed when done really well.

Public Relations (PR) and the activity that goes around it can provide a really positive opportunity to develop understanding of your brand, your business vision and the positive things your business does like caring for the environment, supporting sustainability, creating people focused policies and community related activity. It's not a bad thing to shout about how good you are but with all things,  PR eneds careful consideration with an eye not just on the creation of positive stories but also on reputation management to minimise the damage when things don't go right for whatever reason.


I support businesses with two very clear areas:




I can help you create a really exciting Outreach plan that covers getting your content noticed. I often work with businesses to create both a content and PR plan. Outreach is about getting your content noticed on other websites and publications. Thought Leadership is a good way to create awareness around key people in your business. Often your people are the experts and have a lot to say and contribute to conversations in your sector and beyond.  A good PR and Outreach Plan will cover everything from creating the right content to use to get you noticed, creating 3 dimensional campaigns across multiple platforms that include both digital and offline and identifying the right channels to use. 


As with all things marketing, PR and Outreach needs to be costed and measured to ensure you have the right RIO to make it worthwhile.




Reputation Management is vital if you engage with the public, use Otreach and PR activity. Reputation Management involves the creation of a robust action plan to deal with issues when things go wrong or there is external attention on your business from medai outlets, journlists or other organisations. I help you create a full plan that details how each issue or enquiry will be dealt with by your team of people. It will include an escalation process that highlights who has responsibilityfor responding and what that response should be.


So what is included to provide PR support for your business:

  • An initial discussion to understand your business

  • Full review of your past activity and its success

  • A full review of your competitors activity

  • The creation of a full PR and Outreach plan report showing recommendations

  • Working with you to create a PR and Outreach Plan

  • A launch and handover presentation to you and your team 

  • Ongoing support to execute the plan and review results is available


Creating thought Leadership pieces to place your brand and key personnel at the forefront of your business and sector.

  • An initial discussion to understand your requirements

  • Full review of your market and how the piece will be seen

  • A fact find to see what has been done before 

  • Create a Thought Leadership piece with two sets of amends and full distribution 

If you would like to talk about how I can help you please get in touch.



Flexibility is a vital commodity in todays uncertain business climate. As a PR and OUTREACH Specialist I am available by the day for short term projects and can be retained to provide support with a cost effective monthly retainer for peace of mind . Find out more below.


I have created PR and Outreach Campaigns for  a diverse number of brands like Regus, Habitat, PC World, BE Offices and Empire Cinemas and have written for new brands like Aurora Pro Clean, Velocity Virtual. and I've also helped many SME's like Sarah Rush Yoga, Shirley Parsons Ltd and Identify Group.


An effective PR and Outreach Plan can provide focus and direction to maximise engagement with your brand. All PR and Outreach plans should be produced with a clear focus on the Return on investment (ROI).  That way you can do more of what works and less of what doesn't.

Why Employ a

There are many benefits that come from working with an experienced and qualified freelancer:

  • Transparent Costs - No paid holiday or NI charges

  • Marketing Network - Access to my vast marketing network

  • Flexibility - Part-time hours to support your requirements

  • Experience - A CIM qualified senior marketer for one all in fee

Support Options

Support for your business either on a project basis or retained basis: 

  • Day rate - Billing by the day for total transparency 

  • Monthly retainer - 37 hours per month when you need it

  • By the Hour - Ask about hourly rates for small projects


Marketing & Business

I have the following marketing qualifications:

  • Marketing Mentor at The Chartered Institute of Marketing

  • Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing

  • Diploma in Digital Marketing - CAM/Chartered Institute of Marketing

  • Diploma in Social Media Marketing - Business Consort 

  • Diploma in Performance Management - Aubrey Daniels International

  • Diploma in Creative Writing - Ashford Open Learning 

  • Diploma in Sales and Marketing Training - Ashford Open Learning



Sector Experience
B2B and B2C

I've worked in the following sectors:


Commercial property, events, corporate hospitality, technology services, conferencing and meeting rooms, business services and facilities management.



Cinema, hospitality and events, food service, retail, ecommerce, retail property, technology, education and charity. 

"Stephen has a deep understanding of marketing and helped define the business’s marketing strategy and set up a robust marketing communications plan. He helped improve the online ratings from one to three stars in just a few months which helped the turn around of the business tremendously. I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone looking to reorganise their marketing and find new lead opportunities." 

Phillip Hilbeck - MD Altitude London


If you would like to talk about your business requirements and see how I can help you please get in touch below.

Stephen Moore | Marketing Consultant