You've had your Eureka moment and found the perfect business idea. The first thing you need is a logo. Wrong! If any marketing consultants or professionals tell you that you do, walk away quickly and do not part with any money. It starts with a brand but it won't automatically give you a licence to print money.

Before you jump right in and get those business cards printed take a moment to stop and think first. Does a ready made logo design really sum up what your business is about?

The Gloomy Bit

With the number of failing businesses going up and reaching a five year high in 2018 with more than 17,000 filing for bankruptcy according to the Telegraph, its now more important than ever to make sure you've done your homework.

What Homework?

There are a number of things to consider when you start to create a new business, important things that need doing well before you create the brand that wraps around it.

I've created a shopping list of things to do before you spend money on your brand design. If any one of these things are not well you run the risk of poor performance or even failure.

Your new business "shopping list" should include the following:

1. Identify who your target customers are, where they are and how many there are

2. Identify who your competitors are and what they do and do well

3. Research the market to see where your business will sit in it

4. Set out what makes you different - often called Unique Selling Points (USP's)

5. How do you want to talk to your customers? Online, offline, tech and what channels

6. Create a robust marketing strategy

When you have worked through your "shopping list" its time to give some thought to how the business will look. This is the bit most people like and by making the mistake of doing it first you miss the point of what makes a brand really work well. Your preparation and the information you gather will help shape how your brand works and looks and by spending time preparing the information you stand a far better chance of getting it right.

Preparation is Vital

All this great information will help you create a really exciting brand. A good brief will help a designer create the right look and feel and make something that looks really amazing. Without it its really all a bit hit and miss.

Read my article about getting the right creative agency and if you are on a tight budget there are lots of good ways to get some great work done like Freelancer.



I'm Stephen Moore FCIM, a Strategic Marketing Consultant and part-time Marketing Director living in beautiful Suffolk. I support businesses large and small in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and London. I have been writing about marketing developments for 20 years with articles in The Metro, City AM, Fresh Business Thinking, AllWork, The Marketer and Marketing Week.

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